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Semantechs is a software development company promoting data accessibility, management, analytics and digital transformation. Semantechs helps businesses and organistaions just like yours with custom software development services. We aim to digitally transform businesses.


What We Offer


UI/UX Design

We design elegant and interactive interfaces. We let your audiences and customer have a great experience through your website, mobile applications & your software. We aim to eliminate the gaps through UI/UX design and address your design requirement.


data analytics

Data management and analytics services. Our dedicated team of data scientists help you to tranform your business in to a data driven business and use your data in new ways & at new speeds, creating insights of your business data.


Digital marketing & SEO

More than 80% of your customers are searching for your services online. We help you to ensure your business's availability on search engines, reach your customers and acquire new ones with minumum cost and with maximum effectiveness.


Custom Development

We work with you to develop, design, document and test fully costomized softwares that ensures your business's success and transform your busniess digitally. We will provide software support as long as you need it.


IT consulting

Not sure where & how to apply technology in your business? Rely on our experiences & expertise to assist you create comprehensive IT strategies & plans. We help you adopt the suitable technology in your business to exceed your customers' needs.

Work with us

Looking for job oppurtunities? We strongly beleive in technological diversity and knowledge sharing. If you are technologically passionate, then we need you at Semantechs. Partner with Semantechs and outsource your technical needs, reduce your production costs & time without disrupting quality and innovation.


What makes us different

  1. Agility & robustness
    We apply concrete plans & strategies to deliver the product.
  2. Valuing our clients
    Our clients' feedbacks are our roadmap.
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